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Trust in Fear - Makorra
Trust in Fear
It happened in a split second that was suspended over what felt like a short eternity.
It was the night of the Championships, and much to their immense unhappiness, the Fire Ferrets were up against the Wolfbats. Korra wasn't afraid to face their leader – hell, she wanted to be the one to knock him clear into the drink – but she more than a little concerned for her teammates. She knew they could handle themselves, but even Mako was on an edge. He paced back and forth in the little preparation room, trying to calm and center himself, but he just couldn't seem to relax. The Avatar knew how much this match meant to him – how much this victory meant to them all, so he couldn't afford to be a mess of nerves. And yet he had been.
Up until the one match, the team had trained mercilessly, honing their skills and connecting closely, becoming nearly unstoppable. And while the Wolfbats lacked the emotional connection they held, they certainly had the physical aspec
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The Forbidden Art-Korra Chapter One
United Republic's Day of the Dead; both creepy and fascinating in Korra's eyes. Marching hordes of people were dancing through the streets with their faces painted deathly white. Huge floats with skeletons mounted on the front were coming one right after another. She noticed that they all resembled a person and none bore anything less than a colorful dress or shirt. Another peculiar thing that Korra noticed about being the Avatar was that when the dead wanted to be seen, they were.
"My parents are buried an Air Temple Island. It seems weird not to be there to honor them." Tenzin had a faraway look to his eyes, not lost on little Jinora.
"Daddy, why are you so sad?" Tenzin snapped his attention back to Jinora and smiled.
"I'm not sad, just nostalgic."
"What does nostalgic mean?" Ikki asked.
"It means- At this point Korra's attention had drifted off and landed on a spirit lurking in the doorway of a brightly illuminated building. Her eyes were completely shielded from view from the thick
:iconfinalxfantasyxfreak:FinalxFantasyxFreak 24 11
Miss Republic City
"No way!"
Korra shook her head and crossed her arms to emphasize how appalled and against the idea she was that Bolin just suggested. She started to walk away, done with the conversation but her earth bending friend ran to stop her.
He put his hand on her shoulder. "Come on Korra, be open minded about this. We'll make all the money we need for the Championship Match and more. It won't be that bad and how else can we do that?"
"I don't know, but I do know I'd sooner dip myself hot butter and walk on a tightrope over room full of angry Boar-Q-Pine's before I do that." Korra thought about what she said and then frowned. "Hopefully it won't have to come to that…"
Bolin smiled but then sighed heavily; his idea wasn't that bad…right? Right…maybe it was just the way he approached her about it. He replayed the situation in his head quickly.
Bolin ran in the training room and yelled happily, "I got it!"
Both K
:iconrachiefly:RachieFly 94 92
Herbalism increased to 50.
"Oof!" The elf slipped slightly on the crumbling rocks. Taking a deep breath and steadying herself, she paused briefly before continuing on. She was currently clinging to the side of a small cliff, her prize jutting out near the top. Ianova turned her face up in the direction of the small root that lay only a few feet above her. "So close..." Moving her hands around the rocks, she found a sturdy handle and pulled herself up. Glancing up at her prize once more, she laughed quietly. "Kel would kill me if he knew I was doing this..." She smiled to herself, invisioning the panic-sticken look on the Knight's face when she told him she'd been risking her life for an herb. Bending her right knee, she brought her foot up higher, digging her toe into the cliff face. Several pebbles and puffs of dirt slid out from underneath, tubbling their way down onto the face of a very curious, very LARGE troll. He crouched quietly at the base of the cliff staring up at the elf maiden. Blinking several times
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Inej and Kaz by twilightearth Inej and Kaz :icontwilightearth:twilightearth 3 0 Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows) by BoffieXD Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows) :iconboffiexd:BoffieXD 76 2 Inej by taratjah Inej :icontaratjah:taratjah 234 8 I can help you - Inej and Kaz by AmandaDuarte I can help you - Inej and Kaz :iconamandaduarte:AmandaDuarte 291 42
BackWards Story
Cal Cicada was a special operative for the Army for sixteen years.  He was eighteen years old when he joined up.
He was a short, stocky, and foul man, but he was always a great fighter.  Born on October 30, 1997 in a half Jewish half Atheist family in Richmond, Virginia; he grew up liking comic books, monsters, robots, aliens, and war movies.  So he joined the Army as soon as he was old enough.
When he was thirty-four he was asked to be in an experiment by his friend and ranking officer Colonial Bob Blackshear.
The experiment was for cybernetic jetpack wings that would be attached to the backbone, back ribs, shoulder blades, and would be wired to the spine.  The experiment had been done before, but only on test animals.  The wings were made of a highly flexible, but strong alloy.  They would be fifty-two feet from tip to tip if fully extended, and they’ll look like silver bat wings.  The jetpack that wi
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A Rebel's Daughter Part 1
Name: Primrose Mellark
Age: 15
District: 12
Looks: Golden hair. Blue eyes. Fair skin.
~Part 1~
Primrose Mellark woke up like she always did, curled up next to her mother. She crawled silently out of the bed so as not to wake her mom and exchanged her nightgown for khaki trousers, hunter green tee, black hoodie, and black miner's boots before setting off into the dusky morning. She approached the fence where she met her best friend, Kyan. "Morning Kyan," Prim said as she pulled on her rubber gloves to get over the fence, which was live this morning.
"Hey Primrose," Kyan said, also pulling on his rubber gloves. "Kyan. I told you. Call me Prim. No need to be so formal," she said. She took a leap, grabbing the live fence and climbing over. She accidentally cut her arm on the barbs on the top of the fence. "Ow!" she said. She looked at her arm, which was bleeding. Kyan jumped to the ground. He tore some mater
:iconnotsonormalist:NotSoNormalist 4 30
Bake,Hunt,Drink,Smoke,Nag(HaymitchXReader) OneShot

Another year another set of young kid sent into our caring arms only to be brutally murdered for the entertainment of ignorant, rich, horribly clothed, idiotic poor excuses for human beings. No, not people, only pigs dressed in human skins. Today was the day the tributes were being chosen, but taken was a much better word for it. Ripped from their lives, families, and friends to go fight others their age. Mothers crying over their children as they were taken from their arms and thrown into hell most likely never to come back.
Haymitch and I stood to the side of the stage him drinking, me attempting to make conversation with a ‘guard’ nearby. It was the same every year, Haymitch drinks fallowed by an act were he makes a fool of himself, and I having a one way conversation about the weather with a silent soldier. Occasionally something mildly entertaining would happen, but that was rare. However something did happen, something
:iconceepcalmandeat:ceepcalmandeat 24 14
Stay with Me: Edited
- Gale -
I remember her bewildered but bold face search the crowd frantically for mine. She had wanted me to kill her. That had been the pact we made should one of us fail to commit suicide before capture. I was desperately confused as to why her arrow landed on President Coin instead of Snow, her object of intense hatred. While she may have been worn out and tired, she would never have missed this chance to kill him. Although I was unsure of her motive, I did not want her to suffer and had readied my arrow. But then, I saw Peeta grabbing her and crushing the nightlock suicide pill. I knew then that I was no longer her protector. My fists tightened its grip around the bow. I had lost. Peeta had won. Peeta had her. I watched as they dragged her away and the crowd erupted into chaos. The uproar subsided to a dull droning in my mind as I saw Peeta following close behind her. A sharp throbbing of jealousy stabbed my chest, but I knew Peeta would care for her. He could help her in ways I ne
:iconloverainx33:loverainx33 17 16
Breaking Dawn Part 1-Sonadow Version
 Chapter 1: The Invitation and Jealousy
It was actually a nice day her in Forks,Washington and every animal in the planet are in vacation or just graduated.
Meanwhile in the woods was a green hedgehog with red glasses, black shoes, a black jacket, and two scars in his peach stomach. Scourge was just coming back home from his werewolf meeting(Gangster meeting well I don't know). The only thing that came to his mind was the choice that his ex-lover had to choose between him and his rival. Even though Scourge was really mad and upset that he was not chosen to be with his lover for the rest of his life. He smirked at the thought that happen that day......
"NOW WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING", sonic asked while he was following Scourge from Misty Lake. "Now Blue why do you care I'm am not your lover anymore so i won't be bothering you ALRIGHT" screamed Scourge as he walked faster."But Blue there is something i want you to do for me" Scourge asked
:iconkatniss0sonadowfan:Katniss0SonadowFan 22 8
Lesson 3: Backstory
Lesson 3 – Backstory
Ah, Backstory. This one should be easier.*
When writing a story, unless you're being weird unique and only plan to sell the work as a piece of Literary Fiction, you have a basic scheme of time: past, present, and future. There are many ways of blending these things—say the hero is recounting his rise to greatness, in which we are grounded in the future, but the story is in the present (so to speak). Examples: Gladiator, the anime Baccano (as far as I can tell—it was kind of confusing), and a number of novels written in First Person. Most of the time you'll find works where the present is the focus, but where the past was massively important. Take the novel The Hunger Games for example. The rise of the totalitarian government is important, as well as all of Katniss's life experiences that prepare her to compete in the sadistic ritual of the games. The story is brilliant, and I have little to say about the concept
:iconelainerose:ElaineRose 73 18
Hunger Games: Memorable Quotes
"I always channel my emotions into my work. that way I don't hurt anybody but myself."
"You know, you could live a thousand lifetimes and not deserve him."
"i wish i could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever"
"You love me. Real or not real" -Peeta
"Real." - Katniss
"You have as much charm as a dead slug."
"While you live, the revolution lives."
"I'm okay, once I realize your here."
"Because when he sings, even the birds stop to listen."
"Maybe I'll be like the man in the Hanging Tree still waiting for an answer" 
"We could share my sleeping bag if you want. We'll both easily fit." Katniss
"I'll rip off your cape if you rip off mine." Peeta
"I bet my buttons that was your sister. Don't want her to steal all the glory, do we? Come
on, everybody! Let's give a big round of applause to our newest tribute!" Effie
"I want the audience to recognize you when you're in the arena, Katniss the girl who was on fire." Cinna
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Aguilar sketchilar by ZedEdge Aguilar sketchilar :iconzededge:ZedEdge 230 25



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